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Κορώνη Οδηγός
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Welcome to Koroni!
Koroni is a small city in the south east of Messinia, on the east side of the most west finger of Peloponnese. Koroni lies on its own peninsula to the east [graphicmapsgraphic].
Koroni has due its strategic geographic location a long history. It became an important place for the venecians. The venecian fortress, the Kastro, still characterizes the face of Koroni, and lies on the top east of the Koroni peninsula.
The main settlement lies on the north side of the peninsula where also the center, the harbour and it's long mole are. The waterfront nowadays keeps a lot of kafeneions, tavernas and bars.
All this gives Koroni a charming face, arranged like an amphitheater.
On the south of the peninsula is a very long sandy beach.
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Nowadays, Koroni is a place for nice holidays. Koroni has its own magic.
What you find in Koroni: