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Tiryns Photo
Τίρυνθα, Τίρυνς (old) - Archaeological Site - Argolis
The low hill of Tiryns was continuously inhabited from the Neolithic Age down to Late Antiquity. During the Prehistoric period, the site  flourished,  particularly in the Early and Late Bronze Age. In the second phase of the Early Helladic period (2700-2200 BC) there was an  important center here, densely-settled and featuring a circular building of unique construction, 27 m. in diameter, at the summit of the hill.  During the Late Bronze Age, the hill was gradually fortified, enclosing within its “Cyclopean” walls the palace complex as well as other buildings  employed chiefly by the ruling class as places of worship, storerooms, workshops and houses. The acropolis was divided into three sections from the northern (higher) to the southern (lower) part of the hill: the Upper, Middle, and Lower citadel. The “Cyclopean” walls were constructed in three building phases dating to the early and late 14th c. and the mid-13th c. BC.
[Parts of official Flyer "Tiryns", 2011]
Since 1999, it is in the UNESCO World Heritage List, together with Mykene.