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Hymn of Koroni koroni
Hymn of Koroni - Pearl of Gulf of Messinia
Koroni, pearl of Gulf of Messenia,
Koroni, pearl of the Peloponnes.
Your skyline, your face with all the traditional houses and the harbour with the fisherboats let me feel the puls of life. It's the friendly people who always greets. The sympathic radiation of the traditional small houses, their balcons and the green and blue windows make my heart smile.
But what would Koroni be without the mainsquare, the church of St. Nikolaios, the monastery and the venecian Kastro? It's also the beaches, the yellow rocks in the North, the view of Taigetos-Mountains across the sea, the cypresses, the tamarisks and the olivetrees.
The life takes place in all the kafeneions, the tavernas, the restaurants and the pâtisserie-shops. Could you imagine Koroni without ouzo me meze, souvlakia, frappé or greek coffee?
The soul of Koroni but is its people and their traditional importance of the family, their discussions in the corners behind in the shops sitting by a cup of coffee, their observings in front of their shops or in the kafeneions. Very important also is their work on the fisherboats and the work on the farm for wine or oil.
Their heart is their natural and simple way of life.
Koroni, pearl of my life, you gave me my soul. Some of your people stay deep in my heart. Koroni, your life let me feel home.
Koroni, pearl of gulf of Messenia, you took my anonymity away, you gave me my color and my history. Koroni, you learned me to way the life, you learned me what family is!
Koroni, you are mine.