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Epidavros Photo
Επίδαυρος - Archaeological Site
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In the hinterland of Epidavros, on a site enjoying a mild climate and plentiful water from healing springs, the Epidavrians founded the sanctuary of Asklepios, the most brilliant centre of healing in the ancient world. The worship of gods of healing in Epidavros goes back to the prehistoric  period. In the Mycenaean period, the hero-doctor Malos, or Maleatas, was worshipped on a peak of Mount Kynortion. After 1000 BC, Apollo  displaced the prehistoric deity, and assumed his name. Apollo Maleatas continued to be worshipped in his sanctuary even after the foundation of  the Asklepieion, until the end of the ancient world. His cult evolved into that of Asklepios, culminating in the 6th c. BC with the foundation of his major sanctuary of healing.
[Parts of Official Flyer "Epidavros", 2011]